Turning Brands into Value
Brand Value Assessment

»BIESALSKI & COMPANY has shown us in a pragmatic way our brand’s potential which enabled us to communicate internally the importance and understanding of our brand and therefore we were able to establish a ›corporate brand culture‹.«

Volkmar Wywiol, Managing Partner, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

Brand Value Assessment:

Assessing the brand’s value
and its sales potential

brand valuation

brand value

brand management

brand potential

brand capitalisation

brand development

brand strategy

brand analysis


brand controlling

marketing controlling

brand due-diligence

Brand Value
Branding Value
Biesalski & Company Brand Valuation
Biesalski & Company Brand Value
Biesalski & Company Brand Valuation
Biesalski & Company Markenbewertung
Biesalski & Company Markenbewertung

Facts build knowledge – knowledge creates success.

Brand Value Assessment deals with the challenge of identifying and measuring the premium created by the brand. Our valuation methods are exclusively research based, comply with the latest financial accounting standards and are well recognised in the financial community.

We measure and quantify your brand’s growth and expansion potential as well as identify the key drivers that create an additional value. Thus we uncover the contents and most promising actions to increase your brand’s value.

Brand Value Monetary brand valuation

Determine the brand`s financial
value according to IDW S5
and DIN/ISO standards

Brand Valuation Brand performance analysis

Assess the brand`s contribution
to the company`s success

Brand Value Brand potential analysis

Identify and realise the brand`s
earning potential

Branding Value Brand concept valuation

Ensure the brand`s growth via
innovative strategies, products
and new markets