Turning Brands into Value
Brand Value Creation

»It was fascinating to determine, in cooperation with BIESALSKI & COMPANY, the triggers of our brand’s value and set the direction for future brand implementation.«

Godo Röben, PR/Marketing Manager, Rügenwalder Mühle

Brand Value Creation:

Generating profit by maximising
the brand’s value

brand valuation

brand value

brand management

brand potential

brand capitalisation

brand development

brand strategy

brand analysis


brand controlling

marketing controlling

brand due-diligence

Brand Strategy
Biesalski & Company Brand Strategy
Biesalski & Company Brand Strategy
Biesalski & Company Marketing Controlling
Biesalski & Company Brand Management
Biesalski & Company Markenbewertung
Biesalski & Company Markenbewertung

Brand management is a vital strategic concept
which captures the economic value created by a brand.

Brand Value Creation is value-oriented brand management ›par excellence‹ which implies optimising your business strategies towards strengthening and maximising your brand’s profitability.

Combining state-of-the-art expertise, pragmatic proficiency and a sound business sense, our professionals offer a holistic and transparent approach throughout the Brand Value Creation process – from development to execution of brand management strategies. With our unique, collaborative approach we help to create powerful business solutions, individually customised to your needs and expectations.

  • Brand architecture
    Making brand decisions
  • Brand positioning
    Establishing and strengthening brand identity
  • Brand strategy
    Defining the direction to trigger growth
  • Process optimisation
    Integrating market-based structures and processes
  • Brand controlling
    Implementing KPI-based controlling instruments
  • Internal licensing
    Allocating costs between applicable entities
  • Budget allocation
    Maximising the triggers` impact on the brand
  • Behavioural branding
    Creating brand-ambassadors
  • Brand touchpoint-management
    Ensuring consequent implementation of strategies