About us

Brands are a central driver of success and therefore a substantial part of the shareholder value.
In this context the brand is frequently discussed as a factor for value creation – but surprisingly it is barely used in a value-oriented manner or measured monetarily.

As a management consultancy for brands we have stepped up with BIESALSKI & COMPANY to change this!
Driven by our mission ›Turning Brands into Value‹ we achieve strategic superiority, competitive advantage and proof of the brand’s value creation to strengthen our clients’ brand earning power:

Strategic superiority means to shape the success of tomorrow and today in a sovereign manner. In doing so, we see the brand as a ‘customer orientation program’ to increase competitiveness and profitability. An effective brand architecture combined with an identity building and differentiating positioning defines a clear course, which is backed up with measurable goals. This is helpful for both approaching customers as well as for acquiring and retaining suitable employees.

The realisation of competitive advantages demands ‘the courage to embrace change’. Managing change with the brand aims at strengthening the customer loyalty, customer acquisition and price premium. How? Through consistent touchpoint experiences that are achieved through effective communication and behaviour of all employees that honours the brand promise. A brand claim that has been defined collectively is most suitable to turn employees into ‘brand ambassadors’.

A valid proof of the brand’s value creation supports the brand and marketing in order to reach a position of strength. The hereto related appreciation is the premise for establishing a ‘value-oriented brand management’ in the company. Furthermore, a solid monetary brand valuation helps to detect the ‘hidden reserves’ of the brand, to lift the value added potential and to capitalise the brand as a financial asset. As a consequence the brand, as a quantifiable factor of success and security for investors, moves into the centre of entrepreneurial action.

To put it in a nutshell: We combine the emotional world of brands with substantial facts. With customer orientation and expertise we develop future-oriented solutions and put them into practice – this way we create an evident added value for our customers.


  • Understanding as a premise for success
    Understanding what drives you and your brand is the basis for our cooperation – from the beginning until the successful completion.
  • We take care of your concerns
    For us, “caring” means developing the best solution for your task with profound expertise and personal commitment.
  • Breaking new ground
    Creating value starts with thinking – questioning something good in order to achieve something better is our passion.
  • Solutions are only good, if they are feasible
    Analysis – conception – implementation: We deliver clear statements with specific recommendations for action and support you until the realisation.
  • Our work has to create added value
    The result counts – in accordance with our value-based claim we are only satisfied when you achieve a sustainable advantage throughout your cooperation with us.