Brand accounting

The use of the brand value for accounting purposes describes an interesting area of capital market information. Due to the partly complex regulatory environment, we at BIESALSKI & COMPANY work together with renowned experts from established audit and tax advisory firms. Our concern is to find the best solution for each individual case. No matter whether it is about disclosing the brand value in the information part of the annual report, in the balance sheet itself, as part of a trusteeship or IP-holding – we ensure that your brand receives the significance that it is entitled to.

What we offer

By determining the brand value in accordance with the balance sheet and valid indicators that make the intangible nature of the brand tangible, we create a basis to use the brand in context of a balance sheet.

Based on brand valuation, several areas arise for you as part of brand accounting. Competent contacts and experts with extensive practical experience will advise you, tailored to your individual goals and needs. Besides tax areas, this also involves the organisational outsourcing of asset management.

Once your brand is already activated, the intrinsic value of the brand should be reviewed on a regular basis. For this purpose, a so-called impairment test is carried out that demonstrates the current value of your brand in regular intervals.

Your benefit

The added value of using your brand for accounting purposes can be very diverse. By uncovering hidden reserves and the resulting increase in value, you create transparency regarding the real value structure of your company. Extending the asset side of the balance sheet improves your equity ratio and thus raises your creditworthiness. As part of an IP-holding, you can design and optimise internal cash flows based on a professional IP management.