Communication idea

In 1969 Paul Watzlawick already stated that ‘you cannot not communicate.’ Today, this famous quote is more important than ever. People are flooded by a variety of information but perceive only fractional parts. According to a study, advertising is not recognized until the seventh contact. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to appear specific, consistent and especially impressive on the market. The core benefit has to be applied consistently and clearly in the communication. In doing so, the integration of all Moments of Truth, meaning all relevant touchpoints along the Customer Journey, is essential.

Based on the brand positioning it is important to anchor a clear strategy behind the communication, to consider all channels and to formulate clear, simple and emotional messages. That is nothing else than an excellent, strategically guided communication. A targeted address derived from the target groups´ emotional condition is crucial to get into conversation. For this purpose a binding communication frame has to be created, because it is the goal is to move all involved people together in the same direction. Only aspirations that are understood internally and anchored with the help of behavioural branding can bear fruits externally.

What we offer

A consistent market and communication appearance is based on a far-reaching strategy which can be described as a customised communication concept. Therefore it is key to address the specific benefit adequately to the target group! Based on the brand strategy the competitive environment, insights and product strategies are analysed and laced up to an overall picture. In the next step a creative process is initiated to answer the four elementary W´s:

  • What? (key messages, benefits and storyline)
  • Why? (Reasons why)
  • How? (Tonalities)
  • hereby? (Keywords and images)

In creative group workshops communicative core elements are gathered, discussed and evaluated. The result outlines the quintessence of communication. Enriched by ‘look and feel’ of the appearance an integrated concept with associated pictures is created. The triggered emotions are the must-have to get into the target groups´ mind and heart.

The implementation as an authentic daily life story provides directly useable stories, text elements and imagery (Moodboard) – in other words ‘Use-Cases’ – for the corporate and marketing communication. Thereby the messages will reach the target group coherently.

Your benefit

This manner systemises, focusses and simplifies the communicative work internally as well as the cooperation with agencies. The resulting benefits are less need of coordination loops and more freedom for ideas. Consequently clear guidelines for creative realisation and directly useable briefing components are available. Due to the homogeneity and relevance in terms of appearance the communication will be perceived even more by the target group and anchored sustainably in their minds. Moreover the communicative efficiency increases significantly through a fascinating presentation and the focus on benefit. Ergo: An appearance that stimulates emotions is more important than ever. We want to support you to transform your strategy into effective communication.