What value does a brand have? Looking at the yearly published brand value rankings, it strikes that the brand values of Apple & Co. are drifting apart by billions. Does this mean that the valuation of brands is just a guessing game? By no means! The value of a brand develops in the „heart and minds“ of the target group and can be determined monetarily in an objective and resilient way.

But how does this work? Each of us generates value for brands on a daily basis. We buy products and services for a given price that we are willing to pay – when purchasing at the supermarket as well as when deciding on investments in a professional environment.

The brand impact chain explains how the brand value comes about – from investments in marketing mix to perception, attitude and behaviour of the target group up to brand value creation. This does not only make the brand value measurable, but at the same time selectively controllable and useable.

Against the background of the following areas of application, we have performed a variety of monetary brand valuations for our customers:

Therefore: brands can be more than just a security! Our experts advise you in capitalising the monetary brand value. The different areas of application of brand valuation usually require the interaction of various competencies. Using an appropriate network of lawyers and contract brokers as well as partners from the areas of financing, structuring and audit, we help you with the implementation. Fulfilling the valuation standards IDW S5 and DIN/ISO is self-explanatory for us. In this “orchestra”, security regarding the acceptance of the brand value and the intrinsic value of the brand is created. This way, the ideal solution for your “good name” is realised.



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