When people talk about reputation, what they often refer to is a company’s “good name“. This relates to the integral impression that stakeholders – i.e. customers, investors, politicians, applicants and also employees – have of a company: Starting from products and services to social engagement, up to the appearance of the CEO. What is also crucial is a “good conscience”. This is often underestimated and neglected. Sustainability as an integral part of reputation plays a leading role. It has a significant impact on the success of the company.

What is a good reputation worth? Why is it worth to consider “reputation” and “sustainability”? Especially in times where trust and transparency are some of the greatest assets, this question is more exciting and important than ever. Since the public is both well informed and critical, “mistakes” neither remain unnoticed nor without consequences. Affected companies then face the challenge of having to limit or even avert the financial loss occurred. However, what is even more problematic is the resulting damage to the company’s image, as demonstrated by BIESALSKI & COMPANY’s credo “nothing is more valuable than a good name”. It takes years for a company to make a “name” for itself – but the “good reputation” can be destroyed in no time. Consequently, it is inevitable for companies to be aware of their impact on reputation, maintain it in a sustainable way and use binding principles to systematically manage the external perception gained through the company’s communications.



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